Peer Mentoring and Professional Development

The Bagley College of Engineering strives to be a fully inclusive, just, and equitable learning space in which all members are treated with respect and valued. Mentoring and professional development activities focus on supporting diverse students based on both internal diversity characteristics defined as things that a person is born with / are impossible to change (e.g., race, ethnicity, age, gender, national origin), and external diversity characteristics defined as differences that could change over time (e.g., education, familial status, socioeconomic status, life experiences).

With generous support from the Chevron Corporation, the Office of Diversity Programs and Student Development provides peer mentoring and professional development activities for current engineering students. These activities are led by our Diversity Delegates, a group of engineering students.

Diversity Delegates

Our Diversity Delegates value diversity and represent all engineering majors. They have a variety of internal and external diversity characteristics, and are true champions for diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the Bagley College of Engineering.

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Apply to be a Diversity Delegate

Application Deadline: August 28th at 5pm


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If you have questions, please contact the BCoE Office of Diversity Programs and Student Development at